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Moisture Resistant Board

Use Method :

- It has an extra property of moisture resistance,because the gypsum board is made from extra tough paper mixed with wax,and the compound of gypsum board has silicone which reduces moisture absorption of the board.The gypsum board will absorb water not more than 5%. Standard of ASTM C 630. External ceilings. Toilet wall covered with ceramic tiles.

Fire Stop Board

Use Method :

- Gypsum compound is mixed with fiberglass that gives property of fire protection. Paper that wraps gypsum board is designed for fire insulation up to 1-3 hours. Stand of ASTM C 36. To be installed in fire exit area,storeroom or a theater. To cover steel structure to prevent deformation of structure in case of fire.


Regular Board

Use Method :

- Fire resistance, fire and sound insulation.Standard of ASTM C36,BS 1230.General ceilings or interior walls.



Foil Blocked Board

Use Method :

- It is a gypsum board that is backed with aluminium foil. It can reflect heat radiation of 95%.Stand of ASTM C 36. Roof or wall ceilings.

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